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VIDEO: Throw the sway away

Here’s the correct backswing movement for consistently crisp ball striking

By Jack Woods
Weight shift is something that many amateur golfers struggle with. Often, in an attempt to shift weight to the right side (for right handed golfers) during the backswing, amateurs end up swaying their hips which can negate the rotation necessary to make a full, powerful take-away.

The swaying movement can also cause the upper body to tilt left, creating a position “at the top” that is the opposite of what is desired. From a top of the backswing position like this, there are far too many things that can go wrong with players needing to make too many corrective movements in the downswing. This leads to inconsistent strikes and ball flights.

Ideally you need to feel like the lower body remains more central over the ball. The key is to use the upper body to shift weight right instead. This in turn allows for much better rotation and better posture retention throughout the backswing.

Check out the video here:


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