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Sergio Garcia pulls off fun—and most important, safe—baby gender reveal

By Alex Myers
Before baby gender reveals started causing wildfires, plane crashes and deaths, they were fun—albeit completely unnecessary—exercises. The Atlanta Falcons gave a Gatorade bath to celebrate one of their teammates, Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky went to the beach (obviously) to announcer their second boy, and ESPN anchor Peter Burns and his wife did theirs at Pebble Beach’s seventh hole. That’s a lot of effort to reveal the result of a coin flip, but whatever floats your boat, right?

Enter Sergio Garcia. The 2017 Masters champ and his wife, Angela, are on the tee for baby No. 2, and they decided to up their gender-reveal game from baby No. 1 with an exploding golf ball. How on brand!

It’s a boy! And more importantly, no one got hurt! Hooray!

The next question, of course, is if the couple goes with another Masters-themed name after naming their first baby Azalea. Taking a look at the rest of the hole names (“Magnolia,” “Pink Dogwood,” “Flowering Peach”), that might be tough to do. Maybe an Augusta National landmark? Hogan Bridge? Ike’s Pond? Rae’s Creek? Rae Garcia? Maybe?

Seriously, congrats to Sergio and Angela on their expected April addition. Hopefull, the baby has good timing because Daddy has a pretty important tournament and Champions Dinner to attend that month.


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