Put me down for a 007

Remembering Sean Connery’s singular style . . . on the golf course

Silver Screen Collection

By Coleman Bentley
On Saturday, October, 31st, 2020, humanity woke up minus a legend. Sean Connery—secret agent, Scotsman, and occasional golfer—had died at the age of 90. Connery defined cool for generations. Aston Martins, vodka martinis, massive mustaches, and whatever the hell this was—no matter what the OG 007 did, he did it without equal . . . and that includes golf. Don’t believe us? Too bad, we’ve compiled some of the greatest photos of Connery on the course over the years to prove it. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that bell-bottoms and tartan aren’t badass.

1962: Golf in denim

Chris Ware

1962: Golf in denim, pt. 2

Chris Ware

1964: On the set of ‘Goldfinger’


1966: Scrambling like Phil


1969: Making the yips beg for their mommy

Garth Eliassen

1972: Hanging with some absolute legends

Peter Dazeley

1974: Where Rickie got it from

Doug McKenzie

1976: Somehow making this look good at the Trophée Lancôme

James Andanson

1982: Clear eyes, black glove, can’t lose

Peter Dazeley

1987: Chest hair and Masters drip

Francis Apesteguy

1996: Winning the Lexus Challenge with Hale Irwin

J.D. Cuban

1998: Channeling The Shark (or should we say “Jaws”?)

Ron Galella, Ltd.

2002: Working on his takeaway with Michael Bloomberg

Arnaldo Magnani


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