Phil Mickelson has been at the centre of a lot of controversial golf stuff over the past year which you probably know by now.

But it seems like Mickelson is extending — or at least trying to extend — the olive branch to those golfers who may have soured towards him over the last year by offering something we all need: A good chipping tip.

It is, effectively, a three-step guide to hitting a simple chip.

1. Weight on front leg
This helps get the leading edge of the club back into the ground, Lefty says.

2. Hands forward at set-up
Helps you strike the ball with a descending blow, and prevents thin shots.

3. Turn chest away on the backswing
This prevents you from getting too steep, and hitting chunks.

Some simple and good advice which Golf Digest’s Chris Powers, a tough critic at the best of times, throws his sizeable endorsement behind.

“I was already a good chipper,” Powers says, modestly, “but this simple technique change from Phil made me a generational one.”