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Missing greens? Let us help you get square at impact

A drill to return the clubface to square at impact

By Mike Kinloch
For golfers struggling to control the flight and curve of their shots, particularly those who hit slices, I would suggest checking the clubface position in the backswing and to become familiar with the correct feeling of the hands and clubface as it’s returned to the ball. Often golfers will get the clubface too open in the backswing by excessively rolling the forearms or cupping the left wrist. This leads to a series of compensatory body and hand movements in an attempt to get the clubface back to square.

Often golfers will get the clubface too open in the backswing.

Stand side on to a mirror, or record the movement with a camera phone positioned in the down the line position as pictured; the phone should be level with your hands in the address position. Using the chest and arms, move the club back to waist height and check that the leading edge of the club matches the spine angle. The club head should be in line with your hands as the club shaft reaches parallel with the ground.

Once you become good at getting the club face in this correct position, hit shots off a small tee of approximately 50 to 80 yards with an 8 iron. This can be done with a gentle turn of the body through the ball. Hitting these shots will help you use your body to deliver the club and give the feeling of passive hands as they maintain the club face’s square position.

Mustufa Abidi

In this picture I have exaggerated the feeling. For me to get the clubface in this strong position my left wrist has to be very flat. This will depend on your grip at the start of the swing. If you have a weak or neutral grip, the wrist will be relatively flat.

Mike Kinloch is Head Professional at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai. For more information, visit dubaigolf.com


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