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Fatting or thinning your chips? Both? Watch this!

Swing Catalyst 3D motion plate technology could be the key to ridding your game of those frustrating little fats and thins around the green

By Matthew Brookes
It is not only the full swing that can be improved by an understanding of ground forces and pressures. They’re facets of utmost importance in the short game as well although should be viewed, and the moves implemented, differently to the long game. In a nutshell, the shorter the shot, the smaller forces and movements we should see.

When amateurs approach me with inconsistent ball striking with their chipping, we head straight to the Swing Catalyst force plate. A lot of the time the issue can be linked to their interaction with the ground and with the Swing Catalyst technology at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, it’s easier than ever to show them what changes need to be made.

The low point of the swing is a big factor and this can be affected by the pressure trace reading. The reading should favour and stay the majority of the time on the lead leg during the shot and have very little lateral movement compared to a full swing.

The pressure trace pattern I see in amateurs who struggle with chipping tend to have too much lateral movement on to the trail and then back onto the lead leg during the shot. Something that can be visually checked is the head movement of the player.That is achieved by drawing a line on the lead side of the head at set up (see below, right) and can be used as a cross reference during the swing. But this is not a 100 percent cure.

Other aspects that are vital to consistent chipping are mobility, stability and strength – all influences that can impact short game ability. A “TPI” (Titleist Performance Institute) physical screen assessment is something I always take my students through as there may be a single leg balance, glute strength or even a disassociation issue between the upper and lower body that may have some influence in the swing characteristics. If you have having issues getting up and down consistently around the greens, consider a visit to DCGYC’s Peter Cowen Golf Academy to add the latest technology to your game improvement ambitions.  You won’t be disappointed.

Matthew Brookes is a PGA teaching professional and golf specific fitness trainer at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.


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