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Grab two tees and a dirham for stress-free hole outs

By Joe Way

It’s no coincidence that Jason Day’s recent success has coincided with the Australian missing just one putt from inside five feet –  from 233 attempts at last count! So how often do you practice short putts, the ones that turn bogeys into pars, to keep the momentum going during a round? It is vital on short putts that the ball comes off the centre of the face and this simple drill will help you achieve that more consistently and see your scoring plummet. Place two tees in the ground approximately five feet from the hole, just outside the heel and toe of the putter. If you find yourself hitting the inner tee you will have a toe strike, and the outer tee a heel strike. Both of these will be detrimental to your chances of consistently making these important putts. Start with the tees a little bit wider apart and hit 10 putts until you miss the tees every time. As you gain confidence to move them closer together and repeat. You’ll begin to not only have an improved strike, but also an improved conversion rate.

It’s vital on short putts that the ball comes off the centre of the face.

Money shot
If you’re feeling confident add a coin onto the back of your putter. Hit putts trying to keep the coin on until impact. This will help develop and maintain a smooth tempo.

Joe Way is a PGA Teaching Professional at DCGYC’s Peter Cowan Academy Dubai. For more information, visit


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