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Sylvester Stallone gets shown up at golf by his model daughter

By Alex Myers

It’s difficult to imagine Rocky Balboa playing golf, but Sylvester Stallone is actually a decent player. The jacked actor checked in with an 11.4 handicap in Golf Digest’s 2007 ranking of Hollywood golfers and we found this old clip of his athletic swing on YouTube:

And it looks like at least one of his daughters, Sistine, has inherited some good golf genes from her father. Sly shared this clip of him taunting her to hit a shot and she pulls it off — despite not exactly wearing proper golf attire:

Nicely done, Sistine. Hitting a 3-wood off the deck is tough for even experienced golfers. And we appreciate the celebratory club toss at the end to rub it in dad’s face after he says, “Thanks for humiliating me.” That’s the type of showmanship that would make Apollo Creed proud.


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