Dad trusts infant son to hit a golf shot off his face, predictably pays a painful price

By Alex Myers
In recent years, we’ve enjoyed several videos of young Sam Blewett. An avid golfer by the time he could walk, the little tyke with incredible hand-eye coordination works often works on his game around the house, either by hitting ice cubes or swinging various household items around. Well, apparently Sam’s younger brother, appropriately named Rory, has also caught the golf bug. And their dad trusted Rory to hit a golf shot off his face. Predictably, it did not turn out well:

Ouch. At least for dad. Rory and Sam seemed unfazed.

Our advice to Rory is to study film of the greatest to ever pull this trick shot off: John Daly. And to keep practicing — just maybe without dad’s face for a bit.


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